When you decide to start a business in Zimbabwe, registering the business is one of the most crucial steps you need to take. As one of the best company registration agents in Zimbabwe, Companies Made Simple not only offers you a wide range of essential legal protections, it also cements the foundation of your business.

Up to date, over 4000 business owners have used Companies Made Simple to register their companies in Zimbabwe – helping us to attain more than 400 excellent customer reviews. Before we get into the rating, lets find out why Companies Made Simple is one of the best company registration agents in Zimbabwe.

Why is Companies Made Simple one of the best company registration agents in Zimbabwe

We always deliver on our promise

We are not called Companies Made Simple (CMS) for no reason. We pride ourselves on offering a fast and simple company registration service that offers anyone the ability to register a company in Zimbabwe in as little as 7-9 working days.

In our many years of existence, we have never failed to complete a single company registration project.

Our customer service is the best and second-to-none

Here at Companies Made Simple, we’re passionate about providing our clients with the best customer service which is hard to come by especially in the company registration industry – its however different with us. Our friendly Customer Service Team is always working to do the extra that’s why we are always available from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and from 8.00 am to 12.30 pm on Saturdays. We are however available anytime on WhatsApp.

We offer lifetime support

Unlike some company registration agents in Zimbabwe, we don’t kick our clients out once we have registered their companies. As a Companies Made Simple customer, you will be able to enjoy free and unlimited support from our team. From general enquiries to monthly and yearly reminders even to other support services, we will always be there to offer support.

Just call, text, WhatsApp or email us anytime for any support services.

If anybody makes a mistake, we’ll fix it

Over the years we have managed to create a science to company registration. Because of this science and we rarely encounter any slip-ups in our company registration processes. But if issues ever arise in the registration of your company, you can rest assured we will always do everything we can to ensure your needs are met as quickly as possible. We will never rest until we have helped you achieve your goals.

Partnering with the best

Companies Made Simple has partnered with some of the best company registration agents in Zimbabwe. We share notes, advice and expertise to generally improve our service and the industry as a whole. These partnerships enable us to deliver the best service possible.

Some of the company registration agents in Zimbabwe that we have partnered with include:

  1. Companies Made Easy
  2. Register Your Company
  3. Numeri Incorporation
  4. Company Formations
  5. Companies
  6. Zimbabwe Companies Registry
  7. Shelf Companies For Sale
  8. Shelf Companies

We are a registered company registration agent registered with the Deeds, Companies and Intellectual Property

Companies Made Simple is a registered company registration agent. We are registered with the Deeds Companies and Intellectual Property (DCIP). The DCIP is the government department under the ministry of Justice that licenses or registers company registration agents. You have to meet strict requirements to be even considered and Companies Made Simple has qualified without any complications.

We are a registered company registration agent registered with the Zimbabwe Company Registration Agents

Companies Made Simple is a member of the Zimbabwe Association of Company Registration Agents (ZACRA). ZACRA is an organisation with the purpose of encouraging high standards amongst company registration agents in Zimbabwe and acting as an open forum for professionals working in the company registration industry.

ZACRA is the only recognised association for company registration agents in Zimbabwe and ZACRA works closely with Government departments such as the Companies Registry and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA).

Companies Made Simple’s ZACRA membership is an endorsement of the quality of service we provide and gives our customers confidence they are dealing with an agent they can trust.

Our rating

5.0 out of 5.0 rating on Google

Google regarded the King of the Internet, is the biggest website and source of information. With over 1 billion monthly users it has to be the biggest. Before anyone makes a decision to purchase anything, they probably do a bit of some Google search to find a little more information about the product or service.

That’s why Google reviews are often the first time that aspiring entrepreneurs are introduced to Companies Made Simple and our mission – and we’re delighted to say that Googlers seem to like what they see

Companies Made Simple has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on Google based on over 100 clients.

5.0 out of 5.0 rating on Google

Facebook now Meta is regarded as one of the biggest social media platform in the world with roughly 2.89 billion active users as of end of 2021 hence its regarded as one of the biggest sources of information for most entrepreneurs – not mention a platform where people can show what they think about a company.

So far, our customers have awarded us an amazing 5.0 out of a possible 5.0 on our Facebook page, praising our simple and easy-to-use services and the knowledge and commitment of our customer services staff.

But don’t just take our word for it – join the conversation and see for yourself Companies Made Simple has earned a perfect rating on Facebook, well ahead of its competitors.

If you’d like to register a company in Zimbabwe, you should always do your homework first. Learn about the services you’d like to use for your business, and conduct some research to find out which company registration agent will best serve your own individual needs.

But if you’re checking out any of the web’s most popular review platforms, chances are our incredible customers will simply point you right back here. So, once you’re ready, let’s get started.