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Register your company with us from as liitle as US$65.00. With Companies Made Simple registering a company in Zimbabwe could not be simpler – we are Company Registration in Zimbabwe made simple!


Choose the perfect company structure to register your company

We register the widest company structures in Zimbabwe

Company registration in Zimbabwe

Private Limited Company

Our most popular type of company in Zimbabwe. A private company, also known as Private Limited Company or PLC, suitable for all types of trading.

From US$130.00

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Private Business Corporation

A Private Business Corporation common with small businesses, sole traders and professionals who operarte as individuals such as accountants, lawyers, architects.

From US$65.00

US$80.00 20% OFF

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Company registration in Zimbabwe

Company Limited by Guarantee

A company limited by guarantee, similar to a Private Limited Company but mostly suitable for non-profit making organisations such as sports clubs or charities.

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We make company registration in Zimbabwe simple

You will not find a simpler company registration process

Step 1

Choose company structure

Begin by choosing a suitable company structure between a Private Limited Company (PLC), Private Business Corporation (PBC) or Company Limited by Guarantee.

Step 2

Choose company registration package

Choose a Private Limited Company or Private Business Corporation package suitable for your budget between our Starter, Basic, Basic + and Advanced Packages.


Step 3

Submit details & sign documents

Quickly fill in your company details & provide details of your company names, directors & shareholders, company addreses & core business objectives and leave the rest to us.


Step 4

Receive your documentation

You will receive your Certificate of Incorporation, CR 5, CR 6, Memorandum & Articles of Association or CR 28 depending on the company structure or any other extras depending on the package you choose.

Our number one priority is successfully registering companies and providing company services and support for companies in Zimbabwe. Our simple process can have your company registered in 3-5 working days!

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Here is what our customers think about our company registration services.

You delivered as you promised. My company registration was simple and your prices are affordable also. I will be refering people to you and I hope to work with you in the near future.
Simbarashe Mafunga

Founder, Mafunga Holdings (Private) Limited

The best company registration agent in Zimbabwe I know. Your service is great as always. This is my third company that I have registered with you guys. Tatenda, Siyabonga Companies Made Simple!!!
Sean Hatkings

Founder, Carlon Incorporated (Private) Limited

Requirements for company registration in Zimbabwe

Our requirements for registering a company in Zimbabwe – simple to put in place

Company names

Between 1 – 5 proposed unique company names distinct from any Zimbabwean registered company. We will conduct a name search to find out which name is available for registration.

Company Addresses

Physical, postal and email address. The company’s physical address has to be a Zimbabwean address and you can you your home address if you don’t have a buusiness address address as yet.

Directors Information

Name(s), national identity or passport number, nationality and residential or business and postal address.

Shareholders information

When the shareholder is a person – name(s), address and *occupation.


Shareholders information

When the shareholder is a corporate – corporate’s name, any identification number, addresses and beneficial ownerships informarmation i.e. name(s) national identity number, address(es) including email address

Business objectives

The company’s business activities to be carried out for profit or gain e.g. construction, retailing, consultancy, logistics etc.

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Registering a company from overseas?

Registering a company from overseas

Register a company in Zimbabwe from anywhere in the world

We have designed packages for customers who are overseas but want to register a company in Zimbabwe.

They include everything you need to register a company in Zimbabwe, including all company documents, a physical and business address, and a delivery service of your company documents to wherever you are in the world.

Perfect for customers who live overseas.

Why choose Companies Made Simple…

A company registration agent, like us, has many advantages

Our staff is well experienced

Our staff is well trained and experienced to respond to your individual needs in a caring, efficient and professional manner.

Our service is super fast

Our company registration service takes 5-7 working days, faster than most company registration agents in Zimbabwe.

Our prices are competitive

Like for like, our prices are the most affordable in the industry. We offer 100% transparency and no hidden charges. The price you see is the price you pay.

We are registered consultants

Since we began trading we have become a licensed company registration agent authorised by the Companies Registry, the body responsible for Incorporating companies in Zimbabwe.

Use our office address as your addresses

A company registration agent, like us, has many advantages

Office Address

A service address for your company, serving as your physical and postal address, with all postal and legal processes may be served, scanned and emailed to you at no cost.

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Business Address

A business address for your directors and shareholders to keep your home address off the public record. All mail scanned and emailed at no cost.

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Trust our experience

We have registered over

companies in the last 12 months

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Company registration in Zimbabwe Faq’s

Want to find out more about company registration in Zimbabwe with Companies Made Simple? Have a look through our Frequently asked questions to find out more about how to register a company.

What is company registration in Zimbabwe?

Company registration is the process you need to go through to officially set up a business in Zimbabwe. This can be a Private Limited Company, Private Business Corporation, Limited by Guarantee, Foreign Company/Branch or any other company structure, but is all done through the Deeds, Companies and Intellectual Property (DCIP) through an agent such as Companies Made Simple.

The process is slightly different based on the company structure you choosee, but we have a comprehensive service for each business type, so you can be confident your registration goes smoothly.

Why should I register a company?

The most important reason for registering a company is that it provides limited liability. It helps protect you from risks to your home and other assets because your liability is limited.

There are also other benefits to becoming a company, including protection for your trading name (no other company can use it if you are registered), the credibility of having limited company status, and you may also be eligible for tax relief.

What type of company should I register?

Most people require a standard Private Limited Company (PLC) which is suitable for nearly all types of trading. However, if you operate a small business or if you are a professional such as consultants, accountants, architects etc a Private Business Corporation would be best alternative.

Private Limited Company (PLC)

The most popular type of company registered in Zimbabwe is a company Limited by Shares popularly known as a Private Limited Company (PLC). The most attractive reason for registering a Private Limited Company is a protection of limited liability. It means that only the shareholders are responsible for the debts of the company up to the value of their shares in the company. There are no minimum or maximum share capital requirements. 

A Private Limited Company must have at least two directors. There are no specific qualification requirements, no nationality or residence restrictions for a company director or shareholder.

Private Business Corporation

The Private Business Corporation (PBC) company structure is mostly suitable for small businesses and proffessionals in the industry of accountants, architects, dentists and solicitors who most often operate as individuals or as partnerships.

Though it can accomodate 1 individual, a Private Business Corporation is a formal partnership between at least two business partners. Each business partner is provided with limited liability, which means they aren’t fully responsible for the business’ debts or liabilities. And partners in a Private Business Corpoation aren’t liable for the negligent acts or malpractice of a single partner – each partner is accountable for their own negligence.

Each partner in a Private Business Corporation has a say in the operation and management of the business. The PBC agreement (by-laws) also allows partners to leave the partnership and new partners to be added.

How much does it cost to register a company?

The cost of registering a company in Zimbabwe is US$65.00 for a Private Business Corporation (PBC) and and a Private Limited Company (PLC) costs US$130.00 and it can be paid by cash, bank transfer, EcoCash, zipit or remittence services for international clients. Find out more about our Private Business Corporation Prices and our Private Limited Company Packages. For non Zimbabwean residents we have Non-Resident Packages. *ZWL prices are available on request.

What is required to register a company in Zimbabwe?

There are 5 basic requirements for registering a company in Zimbabwe which include:

  • Company addresses ; physical, postal and email (the physical address should be a Zimbabwean address)
  • 2 or more company directors
  • 1 or more company secretaries
  • Company names
  • Business activities to be carried out with the company

Find an exhastive list of the requirements for company registration in Zimbabwe.

How long does company registration in Zimbabwe normally take?

With our hassle-free, application process, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete and submit your application. We will then take over the process starting with our free professional review of your application before preparation of the documents and lodging them with the Companies Registry. It usually takes between 5-7 working days for the Registry to process your company.

What documents will I get as proof of my new company registration?

It depends on the company structure that you would have chosen. For a Private Limited Company you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, CR 5 and CR 6. With a Private Business Corporation you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation and CR 28. Other extras will depend on the company registration package package that you would have chosen.

If time is of essence!

Normally company registration takes 5-7 working days to process. If it of great importance that you need to start trading before that time, we encourage you to take advantage of our ready to trade shelf companies. You can start to trade with the company within 24 hours of purchase.

Can you help me open a bank account?

Yes! Once you register a company, the only document you will not have is a bank advice note. We will process the bank advice note so you can open a bank account.

How do I de-register my company if I nolonger need it?

We offer a company deregistration service to all companies. The service costs US$55.00.

For whatever reason you choose to deregister – we will fill out all the relevant paperwork and file it with the Companies Registry, saving you a lot of time and effort. After your documents have been lodged with the Companies Registry your company will be removed from the companies register within 3 months. This is the standard length of time it takes the Companies Registry.

After registering a company with us…

Once you have registered a company with us, you can take advantage of unlimited support from our customer service team – we know that setting up a business can be daunting, that’s why we are always here for you every step of the way. Plus after registration, your company will be put in our ‘Company Secretarial’ database and we will remind you yearly to file your Annual Returns and Declaration of Beneficial Ownership.

Insights, advice and updates

Expert guidance to help you register and manage your business

What is a share certificate and should I have one

What is a share certificate and should I have one

A share certificate is a document that issued to all company's members (shareholders); the purpose of share certificates is to prove ownership of shares in the company. Basically, it is receipt of ownership of shares, usually in the form of a single piece of paper or...

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How long does it take to register a company?

How long does it take to register a company?

The whole company registration process normally takes 5 to 7 working days only. Application takes at most 10 minutes and it can be done online or at our offices. So, let’s go through some of the information you will need to register a company in Zimbabwe and how long...

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