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Every Zimbabwean registered Private Limited Company is obliged to maintain a register of officers, members, minutes etc.

Companies Made Simple combined company register book helps you keep an organised and up-to-date record of all the legally required information about your Zimbabwean registered Private Limited Company.

Your records must be formatted in a way that they can easily be understood when inspected by appropriate authorities. The combined company register book makes this simple by separating the information into sections, and supplying example pages to illustrate how to make your entries.

Having a clear and organised company register book will not only make inspections by authorities simple and stress-free, but could also provide a clear and concise record which could help reduce the hassle of completing your Annual Return.

As an experienced company registration consultant, Companies Made Simple can create and issue high quality printed company register on your behalf saving you time and hassle.

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Important notes

The statutory company register would normally be held at the company’s official registered office of your company. If it is held at another address, you should notify the Companies Registry.

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Frequently asked questions

What are company registers?

Company registers are a collection of documents that contain official, up-to-date information about a company. In accordance with the Companies and Other Business Entities Act, the following registers must be maintained:

  • Register of members – a list of past and present shareholders and details of their shareholdings
  • Register of beneficial owners – this provides details of individuals who hold (i) more than 20% of a company’s shares, (ii) more than 20% of a company’s voting rights, or (iii) have the power to appoint or remove the majority of company directors
  • Register of directors – details of all past and present company directors
  • Register of secretaries – details of all past and present company secretaries (it is no longer a requirement for private companies to have a company secretary, but you must keep a register if you do appoint one)

Why is it important to keep a company register?

The most important reason for keeping ompany registers is that they provide a history and the current record of a Private Limited Company’s ownership. Such information is essential and may be required in a number of instances, such as challenging or validating share ownership, completing share transfers, inheriting shares, exercising legal rights, verifying or contesting officer misconduct and/or liability, securing investment, providing evidence of a company’s history in order to finalise the sale of the business, and upon investigation by a liquidator during insolvency proceedings.

Are there any implications of not keeping company registers for my company?

Company directors and company secretaries are required by law to make sure that their companies meet all statutory obligations as stated by the Companies and Other Business Entities Act. Creating and maintaining accurate and up to date company registers is one of the responsibilities which means, not adhering to this statutory obligation is an offence.

Both a company and its officers may face penalties if statutory registers are not maintained.

A company that does not have a company register or has one that is not up to date or that is inaccurate is considered as committing an offense. The repacations of being convicted of a summary offence include:

  • Category 4 civil penalty
  • Damage to the reputation of the company and its officers

If you find out that your company does not have a company register, or you realise that the registers are inaccurate or not up to date, you must rectify this oversight as soon as possible. In the same manner, if your original company registers have been lost or destroyed, you should seek to reconstitute them immediately.

What is included in the combined company register?

They cost US$35.00 only.

What type are your company registers?

Companies Made Simple provides hard copy company registers.

Do you also complete the company registers?

Yes we can complete all the entries needed in the company registers at an extra US$15.00 fee.

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