Share Certificates – US$8.00 per share certificate

Every Zimbabwean registered Private Limited Company is obliged to issue share certificates to all the shareholders of the Company within 3 months of registering a company or immediatley after a share transfer or share allotment.

As an experienced company registration consultant, Companies Made Simple can create and issue high quality printed share certificates on your behalf saving you time and hassle.

Process time

Produced and dispatched same day.


Available to all Private Limited Companies, Limited by Guarantee etc.


US$10.00 per share certificate.

How to order

Order by calling or WhatsApp (0242) 709 883, 077 470 9378 or email

Important notes

When you issue shares you should also note the details in your statutory company register.

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Share Certificates Service Frequently Asked Questions

What is a share certificate?

A share certificate is a legal signed document that is issued to all private limited company shareholders that serves as legal proof of ownership of the number and type of share indicated.

When are share certificates required?

Generally, share certificates are issued within three months after company registration or immediately after a share allotment or share transfer.

What information does a share certificate show?

A share certificate shows the following information:

  1. Share certificate number
  2. Total number of shares
  3. Name of holder of shares
  4. Address and ID number of holder of shares
  5. Share numbering
  6. etc.

If I lost my share certificate can I replace it using this service.?

Definitely. You can replace a lost, damaged or destroyed share certificate using this service.

Is a share certificate mandatory to have?

Yes, it’s mandatory that every shareholder of a company be issued share certificates.

How much are your share certificates?

Our share certificates cost US$10.00 per share certificate and you will receive a high quality printed share cerificate.

Can I buy share certificates even if I didn’t register my company with Companies Made Simple?

Yes. Any individual or Zimbabwean registered Company can purchase share certificates without any problems.

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