Shelf Companies

If time and years of a company is of essence, buying a shelf company is the best.

Buying a shelf company from Companies Made Simple couldn’t be easier and simpler. As a licensed consultant with the Deeds Companies and Intellectual Property (DCIP), we have a quick and easy process that can mean you can be trading withing 24 hours.


From US$220.00.

What’s included in our shelf company fees?

All the company documents and amendments including:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • CR 5 x 2
  • CR 6 x 2
  • Memorandum and Artcles of Association
  • Share Transfer Certiicates
  • High Quality Printed Share Certificates

Process time

Most shelf companies filings are processed at the Companies Registry within 1-2 working days, however if you need the documents earlier than that, inform us beforehand.

Requirements for purchasing a shelf company

  • Directors information – name, national identity number, address
  • Shareholders information – name, national identity number, address and shareholding percentage
  • Company addresses – physical, postal and email

How to order

Order by calling or WhatsApp (0242) 709 883, 077 470 9378 or email

Available Shelf Companies

  • Authorwealth
  • Beautysphere
  • Befund
  • Blindlaw Investments
  • Cellray Investments
  • Concept Square
  • Crowncast
  • Decatronics
  • Endura Enterprises
  • Everthics
  • Figureitout
  • Finafin Finance
  • Fitcore Investments
  • Fundicore
  • Futuretourque
  • Gainscape
  • Globus Orion
  • Hillhive
  • Ideas Avenue
  • Ideas That Win
  • Investite
  • Kavava Incorporated
  • Kidman Glass
  • Kukera Incorporated
  • Letloose Investments
  • Limeline Enterprises
  • Maxtivity Solutions
  • Neogin Investments
  • Oath of Silence
  • Openstore
  • Orenzo Holdings
  • Perpetrade
  • Pleasant Trees
  • Primepride
  • Pureshare Investments
  • Retrosort
  • Rosehead Ventures
  • Scalestrive
  • Sealoud Investments
  • Secure Rank Investments
  • Spine Ventures
  • Standout Functions
  • Stepsure Incorporated
  • Stokfera Investments
  • Stokvel Incorporated
  • Stronghand Ventures
  • Surebouy
  • Trancamp Investments
  • Torque To You
  • Vinero Company
  • Wawana Incorporated
  • Workmen Construction
  • Draw Point Mining
  • Letpro Investments
  • Hayglue Investments
  • Microlux Investments

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Shelf company frequently asked questions

What is a shelf company?

A shelf company is a company that has been registered but has never traded. It can then be bought by someone who does not want to go through the company registration process.

Why should I buy a shelf company in Zimbabwe?

  • A shelf company can give you the option to bid on tenders/contracts that require you to have been in business for a number of years. A ‘new’ company wouldn’t be able to bid on contracts in this way as it simply doesn’t have the same longevity as an off the shelf company. For example, some tenders in the construction sector require a company that is more than 10 years.
  • Shelf companies may help gain the trust of those all important investors, or larger clients as they create an appearance of corporate longevity.
  • Purchasing a shelf company allows you to gain access to investment capital.
  • A shelf company also means a ready made name, perfect for if creativity isn’t your strength.
  • As part of Companies Made Simples’ Shelf Companies package, you are entitled to high quality share certificates, 

How much is a shelf company?

Our shelf companies starting price is US$220.00

How do I register a shelf company in Zimbabwe?

You do not need to register a shelf company in Zimbabwe. A shelf company is an already registered company.

Are there any hidden costs?

No there are no hidden costs.

When will I receive my shelf company?

You will receive your shelf company within 24 working hours.

What type of companies are your shelf company?

They are all Private Limited Company (PLCs).

What should I take note of when buying a shelf company in Zimbabwe?

We at Companies Made Simple (Private) Limited we gurantee you that our shelf companies are genuine and have never traded. However, as a buyer there might be need of some due dilgence. As a buyer you should take note of the following:

  1. Ensure that all documents are genuine by conducting a file search at the Companies Office.
  2. Shares must be transfered from the subscribers to the buyers.
  3. The seller must surrender all documents pertaining to the company (original documents).
  4. All statutory returns which became due before the company was sold must be updated by the seller.
  5. The person or firm which registered the company must submit the first CR6 forms changing directors and secretary.
  6. Always deal with professionals e.g.

Do you need some help?

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You delivered as you promised. I bought a shelf company and everything was processses in time.

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